[INSPO] What Would House Martell Wear?

Unbowed. Unbent. Unbroken.  Yeah, we can dig that motto.  We might belong to House Lannister and House Stark here at White Hot Room but we both have a healthy respect for the Martells down in Dorne.  (Arianne and the Sand Snakes:  BAMFs or BAMFs?)

Dorne is a hot land, the exact opposite of Winterfell so it makes sense that their fashion senses would be quite different.  Their sigil and colours: the sun and spear and red and orange, say a lot about their house as does their motto.  I considered the Sand Snakes (Oberyn Martell’s bastard daughters) when I made this post as they are members of the house in everything but name in a way that most bastards are not.  Colour was something that I definitely paid attention to with the house colours, black, white, and gold but it was not something that I let limit my choices.  Many of the looks have a casual ease to them while others definitely show a bit more skin, something I think the Martells would be right at home doing, (Margaery Tyrell, eat your heart out.)

We’ll start out with this dress by Prabal Gurung’s Fall Ready-to-Wear 2013 show.  There’s a fabulous ease to this dress while still looking chic that would make it ideal for Dorne.

Martell Prabal Gurung FallRTW2013 Look33

If any house is going to be able to work a strapless peplum top and capri pant, it is absolutely the Martells.  Both of these looks by Christian Siriano would be perfect fits.  I could especially see Nymeria or Sarella rocking these.

Martell Christian Siriano FallRTW2013 Look36

Speaking of the Sand Snakes, just try and tell us that this red dress by Reem Acra isn’t right up their alley.

Martell Reem Acra FallRTW2013 Look20

We’ll continue with the Sand Snakes theme with this look by Marc Jacobs.  She’s described in the books as wearing dresses that are barely there and this dress fits that to a T with an added edge.

Martell Marc Jacobs FallRTW2013 Look33

Of course, we can’t focus on just Nymeria even if she is my favourite.  The next two looks by Donna Karan and Diane von Fursetenberg would be ideal for the eldest Sand Snake, Obara.

Martell Donna Karan FallRTW2013 Look34 Martell Diane von Furstenberg FallRTW2013 Look29

Julien Macdonald puts forth a short somewhat where-somewhat not dress in Martell colours that would absolutely fit in around the cities of Dorne.

Martell Julien Macdonald FallRTW2013 Look8

The next two dresses by Diane von Furstenberg and Prabal Gurung are both long but cover different ends of the spectrum.  DVF is a bit more relaxed while the Prabal Gurung is formal party ready.  It’s definitely the interesting cutouts of the olive dress that makes this a Martell worthy dress.

Martell Diane von Furstenberg FallRTW2013 Look25 Martell Prabal Gurung FallRTW2013 Look35

We’re veering away a bit from the beaten path with this look by Dolce and Gabbana.  The cut of the sleeves makes me think of Dorne as does the see-through textile.  At the same time, it’s a bit more conservative than something that the Sand Snakes might wear but rather something that Elia Martell or Ellaria Sand might appreciate.

Martell Dolce&Gabbana FallRTW2013 Look60

Another look by Christian Siriano could definitely be found in many a Martell’s closet for the more formal occasions.  They know how to make a statement when they enter a room and this dress would certainly help them do so.

Martell Christian Siriano FallRTW2013 Look31


It’s always fun to wrap these posts up with a fabulous evening dress so we’ll let Zac Posen play us out with an evening gown in Martell orange.

Martell Zac Posen FallRTW2013 Look29

All images taken from Style.com