[WAYW] Witch of Dathomir – Tenel Ka


I love Tenel Ka and spent a good deal of my childhood wanting to be her best friend.  Truth be told, I still want to be so it really was inevitable that I’d do an outfit for her.  So maybe the heels make this outfit a little less than rancor riding ready but it was still fun to do.  I always loved the descriptions of her lizard hide armour so I wanted to try and invoke that.  Also, completely by accident, I seem to have created this ‘asymmetrical top=one arm’ connection in my mind but her determination and her independence are things that I’ve always really admired about her character so I’m certainly not trying to make light of her disability.  Honestly, I just think she’s the best.  Or was that not apparent yet?



This is also the first of my outfits to feature a nail polish.  I’m not really a nail polish aficionado but when I saw this colour in the store, my mind immediately jumped to Tenel Ka.  She’s also not really the type to wear nail polish but the way that the colour shifts from a metallic copper to a copper with a greenish tinge.  It definitely invoked the mental image of her lizard hide armour.  It’s also stayed on rather nicely as of a week later without a top coat.

Asymmetrical Snakeskin Top: BCBG
Snakeskin Jeans: DKNY Jeans
Earrings: Express
Bamboo Tassel Heels: Gucci
Nail Polish: Sally Hansen Lustre Shine – Plume


wayw_bria_dathomir_01 wayw_bria_dathomir_04