It’s Hawkeye Week, bro.


Welcome to Hawkeye Week.

In honour of the new story arc debuting this week, we decided to fly our purple pennants — a week in celebration of Matt Fraction and David Aja’s gentle maiden title onto her new voyage. (Spoilers: Clint Barton is the gentle maiden.) What can we say: we love what we like, and we just really, really like Hawkeye.

So get in the car, loser, we’re gonna class up this joint like Kate Bishop, party like Tracksuit Dracula, and make embarrassingly coordinated kitchenware like Clint Barton.


MONDAY — [WAYW] Hawkgal’s Gotta Hawk
TUESDAY — [DIY] Aw Coffee, No
WEDNESDAY — [EIW] Enter: The Clown
  — [COS] Hawkeye Or Bust
THURSDAY — [WAYW] Great At Boats
FRIDAY — [WAYW] Nice Style, Bro