[INSPO] What Would Slytherin House Wear?

We’re headed back to the wonderful world of Harry Potter!  Slytherin House is still where the Sorting Hat placed me so here we go with another high fashion collection of looks that they might wear.  The criteria for picking looks from the latest 2013 shows was fairly simple.  The colour palette of green, grey, silver, and black was a given as was the occasional snake print look.  As for the rest… well, we’d be spoiling things if we told you!

We’ll start things off with an adorable dress by Carolina Herrera.  Green and Grey are just what Salazar ordered!

Slytherin Carolina Herrera PreFall2013 Look8

Many of the members of Slytherin House are from pureblood families that are coincidentally rather rich.  They would definitely have closets well stocked with fabulously tailored clothes of tweed and plaid like these looks by Zac Posen and Calvin Klein.

Slytherin Zac Posen FallRTW2013 Look6 Slytherin Calvin Klein FallRTW2013 Look21

While Slytherins certainly know how to dress to grab attention when they want to, they’re much more likely to go for something more muted yet classy such as this Elie Saab jumpsuit.

Slytherin Elie Saab PreFall2013 Look2

Carolina Herrara’s look on the left is fabulous in House Slytherin colours and also offers a softer look in comparison to the harder edge in the design by Jason Wu on the right.  (Although the bow softens it a bit.)

Slytherin Carolina Herrera FallRTW2013 Look35 Slytherin JasonWu PreFall2013 Look12

We can’t always be snazzy, of course.  Casual is good too and Rebecca Minkoff and Elie Tahari both have some stylish offerings in good ol’ Slytherin green.

Slytherin Rebecca Minkoff FallRTW2013 Look1 Slytherin Elie Tahari Fall2013RTW Look3

We’ll take things back up a notch with a little variety of dresses.  The ZAC Zac Posen on the right is simple in the house’s colour.  The middle dress, also by Zac Posen, invokes a classy snake skin look that would fit right in at any fancy party.  Finally, Herve Leger’s latest take on their bandage dress is definitely fit for a Slytherin.

Slytherin HerveLeger FallRTW2013 Look21 Slytherin Zac Posen PreFall2013 Look7 Slytherin ZAC Zac Posen Fall2013RTW Look11

To wrap things up, we’ll go with this neat look from Prabal Gurung who does a sweater with a twist and some of the coolest snake skin boots I’ve ever seen.  You can bet those are on every Slytherin girl’s wishlist.

Slytherin Prabal Gurung FallRTW2013 Look4


All images taken from Style.com