[COS] Double Execution — Psylocke from Uncanny X-Force

Get Down Take Cover


Betsy Braddock, our girl.  She is and always will be our favourite British model turned superhero badass.  When Lin’s Katsucon costume plans changed and she decided to bring her Psylocke, it was only a matter of time until Bria was roped into doing the same — welcome to double Uncanny X-Force across the sky.

We had a great time shooting with Lionel Lum, who certainly put us through our paces when it came to posing.  All thanks go to him for these great shots!

Psylocke (Swimsuit): Bria
Psylocke (Catsuit): Lin
Photographer: Lionel Lum
Location: Katsucon 2013

Life And Death


Ninja Style




Powered Up


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