[WAYW] You’re Pretty Sharp For A City Man – Nobrin Brothers


Sometimes, you just have to take your style cues from wherever inspiration comes.  Today, we’re heeding the call from Aaron Allston’s Star Wars: Wraith Squadron book, and asking ourselves what would the Nobrin brothers wear.  There’s nothing quite like Agamar fashion, so sit back and headbob along with us for today’s post!


wayw_bria_nobrin_01 wayw_lin_nobrin_01
Fod Nobrin / Wedge Antilles
Orange Fruit Shirt: DIY via Old Navy
Lavender Skirt: Zara
Belt: Macy’s
Hat: Barmah Hats
Dod Nobrin / Garik “Face” Loran
Blue Print Tunic: Yesstyle
Pineapple Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Platform Pumps: Jessica Simpson
Red Heart Sunglasses: Ebay


wayw_bria_nobrin_02 wayw_lin_nobrin_02

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