April Fools!

oh yeah


Face nodded, a head-bobbing motion more suited to a carrion bird than to a man.  Wedge duplicated the motion.  A moment later Donos caught on and did the same.  The official looked between then as if mesmerised.

“I’m Dod,” Face said.  He jerked his thumb as Wedge.  “This is my brother Fod.  Also from Agamar.”  He gestured at Donos the same way.  “This is my brother Lod.”

“Also from Agamar.”

“Oyah.  That’s right.  You’re pretty sharp for a city man.”


Yub Yub, Commander!  It’s okay, folks.  We promise that we haven’t actually lost our minds quite yet.  It’s our first April Fools’ Day and we couldn’t resist putting together a post.  For those of you who didn’t pick up on what we were doing, we decided to parody the Yokel Group disguises from Aaron Allston’s Star Wars: Wraith Squadron book. Basically, our inspo was Wedge Antilles and Face Loran dressing up as fashion disasters out lookin’ for some ladiesssss.

Hey ladies. Hey.


 Face excused himself for a few minutes and returned with a pile of brightly colored cloth.  He handed out individual portions to the others.

Wedge shook his out.  A short-sleeved tunic in orange and yellow tropical fruit patterns and short pants in lavender.  “I’m going to throw up.”

Face smiled.  “That would be the final bit of trim on the ensemble, wouldn’t it?  I recommend you keep the hat.  That really completes the image of an Agamaran stereotype with no taste and no sense.”

[…] Face unfolded his own fashion disaster.  A black silken shirt with a variety of insects picked out on it in glittery silver, shorts in a brighter, more painful orange than that of New Republic pilot’s suits, and a red kerchief for his neck.  “As you can see, I saved the best for myself.  Time to find some brides, brothers.”


We promise, it’ll be business as usual on Wednesday.  We hope you at least got a little chuckle out of our prank!