[WAYW] Those With Great Ambition – Slytherin

 wayw_bria_slytherin_01  wayw_bria_slytherin_03

Sometimes, there’s no point in even pretending to lie.  This post is all about the jacket.  Desigual excels at creating statement pieces and adding this to my wardrobe a few years ago was a thrill.  I adore the patchwork of gorgeous fabrics and all the cool buttons they found to go with it.

It also just so happens that the Sorting Hat placed me in Slytherin so who am I to blow against the wind?  An outfit post it is!  Okay, it’s not that I’m evil.  I’m just ambitious.  And know what I want.  I promise I’m not biased against Muggle-borns!

Green Jacket: Desigual
Grey Leggings: Express
Slouch Boots: Macy’s