Hunger Games: Capitol Couture

You’ve probably already heard about Hunger Games: Catching Fire’s latest marketing campaign but it certainly deserves some more recognition and chatter!  Last week they used Capitol Couture, a fictional in-universe fashion site, to debut new character posters after teasing them on Instagram with a hashtagged clue.  Each poster (with one exception) features either a Victor of the Hunger Games or a prominent member of the Capitol dressed in some rather dapper and fabulous looks by costume designer Trish Summerville.  (And if you look closely, you can even play spot the Alexander McQueen…)  Seriously, how amazing is Katniss’s dress especially once you see the Mockingjay worked into the design?

Each poster has been exclusively revealed by a different media outlet but you can check out all of the revealed posters over on the official Hunger Games Facebook page.

CatchingFire Katniss CatchingFire Peeta
CatchingFire Finnick CatchingFire Effie