[WAYW] Dance Central — A Fashion Team-Up With Zhobot.Net


Bria as Emilia – Heather as Jaryn – Lin as Dare | photo by zhobot.net

What’s the best way to start a convention? With a geeky fashion team-up, of course! To kick off Katsucon in style, we got together with the fabulous Zhobot.net duo of Heather and Nate, along with our other friend Denis, for a photoshoot featuring casual outfits based upon characters from the popular Xbox game, Dance Central.  You’ll get to see half of the pictures from the photoshoot here, and you can check out the rest over at Zhobot.net!


wayw_dcf04 wayw_dcf02
Bria — Emilia
White Skirt: Zara
Leather Jacket: Gap
T-shirt: Express
Black Boots: Macy’s
Earrings: Fossil
Lin — Dare
Turquoise Top: Urban Behavior
Studded Crop Top: Forever 21
Death Star Dress: Black Milk Clothing
Sneakers: Airwalk


wayw_dcf13 wayw_dcf03


Bria:  Oh Emilia.  Emilia is my girl.  I play as her so exclusively that I earned some sort of Xbox achievement for “playing favourites”.  As much as I love her though, the girl seems to have trouble wearing things that aren’t ripped.

This outfit was based off of her Crew Look from DC2 with bonus accessories from her Retro outfit from DC3 because I had that costume with me for the con.  Emilia’s not really the type to get dolled up so I wanted to keep it casual.  This is her “What do you mean I can’t wear ripped things or jeans to the club? Ugh fiiiiine Jaryn, I’ll put on a skirt” look.  Sacrifices have to be made so they can sneak Glitch into the club.




Lin: Well, this conversation basically started and ended with all my buddies strongarming me ha ha ha. But who am I to say no to the prospect of a pink-haired colourbomb raver? Besides, pink wig. I got this one.

Direction was muting a candy kid palette just enough for streetwear; the various blues are a callback to her eletric turquoise raver pants from both her apperances. And then bringing it all to space — because who doesn’t love the c o s m o s.

I also wanted to align futher with the dancekid inspo, so toned down bangle and armwarmer situation got to stay, and the sneakers, too; a pair of tights were also added to a skirt that would otherwise limit movement. Afterall, a girl’s gotta be ready to go go go on the dancefloor.




Lin as Dare – Bria as Emilia – Denis as Glitch – Nate as Kerith – Heather as Jaryn | photo by zhobot.net



Lin as Dare – Denis as Glitch – Bria as Emilia – Nate as Kerith | photo by zhobot.net  | “Glitch.  Hey Glitch.  We’ve ditched Bodie and MacCoy and formed a new crew.  YOU WANNA JOIN?”


Do we have more Dance Central madness to share with you? You bet. In the meanwhile, check out who we totally internet high five at Zhobot.net for some amazing Dance Central cosplay and other video game related fabulousness!