[INSPO] Alexander McQueen + Star Wars = LOVE

The Pre Fall 2013 Collection from Alexander McQueen was quick to make the internet rounds due in part to the number of intriguing pieces it contained.  Where many saw religious and Puritan influences (and okay, we’ll admit that we see them too), much of the collection gave off a very different vibe to others: Star Wars.  For the sake of the post, we’re going to pretend that the shoes with the giant square buckles aren’t there.  This is aaaaaaall about the dresses.

We’ll start off simple with two looks that definitely give off Princess Leia of Alderaan vibes.

Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look18 Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look3


As Queen of Naboo, Amidala wore a number of elaborate outfits that helped establish her visually as the rightful ruler of the planet, despite being only 14, and to also help disguise the fact that a handmaiden had potentially taken her place for her safety.  Both of the dresses below definitely waver from the Royal Naboo norm as the colouring of the dress on the left isn’t as typical, and the hemline of the dress of the right is much too high for one of the royal outfits.  However, the black and red dress has a very strong feel to it and even reminds me ever so slightly of the battle dress that Decoy Queen Sabe wears.  The cut and style of the white/grey dress would make it an appropriate fashion choice for Amidala if she were here on Earth.

Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look29 Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look10


In Episode II, we see a shift away from the voluminous regal dresses and a move towards a much more relaxed Padme, with the exception of the Senatorial gowns in the beginning.  While we never see Padme (or Leia) in any short dresses, I could potentially see both of these dresses being in these women’s closets.  The black dress still has that more structured and appropriate feel to it, while the white one reads as more relaxed.

Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look4 Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look16


The following two looks give off very strong Padme vibes circa Episode III, when her wardrobe again reverts towards being more focused on both Senatorial propriety and hiding her pregnancy.  To be specific, the first dress reminds me of the Navy Linen Gown.

Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look24 Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look24b
Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look26 Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look26b


Oh.  And then there’s this.  Come on, you didn’t think that I’d look at this collection and not hone in on the Snowbunny look, did you?

Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look12


Finally, we have two looks that don’t necessarily remind me of any particular characters, but that do still give off that same Star Wars vibe that much of the collection does.  It’s unlikely that these would look terribly out of place around the Republic Senate.

Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look11 Alexander McQueen PreFall2013 Look9


You can check out the rest of the collection and see some of the looks that definitely read more Puritan than Galaxy Far Far Away over at Style.

Pictures taken from Style.com.