[WAYW] Marvel NOW! Fearless Defenders — Dani Moonstar & Misty Knight

In honour of Fearless Defenders being launched this week, we bring you a Dani Moonstar and Misty Knight team-up! Just in case you missed it, we ladies have been doing jumping high fives all over the internet since its announcement. So here’s a little something to celebrate the street date.

This is actually part of a What Are You Wearing miniseries we’re doing — Marvel NOW! is launching some books that we’re pretty darn psyched about, so we thought we’d honour their releases with outfits inspired by members of the team. (Check out our previous entries: Young Avengers and Uncanny X-Force!) As always, you’ll see our personal touches, i.e. Bria is a totally classy dame and Lin is just going to be this douchebag trainwreck wear all black like a goth who can’t give it up. Enjoy.

This Week: Fearless Defenders by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney!


 wayw_lin_danimoonstar_01  wayw_bria_misty_01
Lin — Dani Moonstar
Feather Print Tunic: Asos DIY
Asymmetric Tank: Helmut Lang
Wet Look Leggings: Black Milk Clothing
Silver Tip Wedges: H&M Divided
Accessories: Forever 21; DIY
Bria — Misty Knight
Red Jeans: Express
Asymmetrical top: BCBG
Belt: Nordstrom
Black Pumps: Lauren by Ralph Lauren
Accessories: A ridiculous number of places


wayw_lin_danimoonstar_03DANI MOONSTAR

Lin: While we take an official pro-New Mutants position here, and Dani Moonstar is basically the kickpuncher grand dame of our heart-shaped feels, we try to keep the awkward cultural appropriation bs on the minimal so I’m not going to wear feathers in my hair and fight a spirit bear in the Sienkiewicz Arena of Dreams, East Coast Division.

Thankfully, it’s been dark valkyrie ladystyle on the up and up, and I am super okay fighting my way out of the belly of Hel beasts. And I’M THE BEST AT WHAT I DO AND WHAT I DO is subscribe to a dark aesthetic because I have a great appreciation for designers that subvert traditional bla bla bla…

wayw_lin_danimoonstar_02 I just wear a lot of black, okay.

Feather print to recall Dani’s visual motifs; spikes to crown her in Hela’s glory; silver accents to armour her in the metal plate of her Asgardian calling. I’m on this.



wayw_bria_misty_03MISTY KNIGHT

Bria: Tight red pants?  Check.  One Misty Knight inspired outfit coming up.  I was a little nervous about putting this look together because Misty is just that badass.  I’ve got a thing about wearing colours that don’t match so wearing a red shirt was out so into my closet of black I went!  (WHR: Black is where it’s at.)  I was super psyched that this asymmetrical black and gold top worked out because it helped give the impression of her mechanical arm.  And from there, it was, well you know the drill, I found all the gold accessories I had and wore them.  I swear I’m slightly less tacky than that just made me sound.

Also, appreciate the bonus picture of me kicking things.  Because I could.

wayw_bria_misty_04 wayw_bria_misty_02


And that’s a wrap, folks! You can always check out our past entries for Young Avengers and Uncanny X-Force, and for all our inspo outfits, simply check out the What Are You Wearing feature. It’s still early in the game, and we have a whole year of fashion delights and disasters ahead of us!