[WAYW] Marvel NOW! Uncanny X-Force — Psylocke & Spiral

In honour of Uncanny X-Force being relaunched today, we bring you a Psylocke and Spiral team-up! This is actually part of a What Are You Wearing miniseries we’re doing — Marvel NOW! is launching some books that we’re pretty darn psyched about, so we thought we’d honour their releases with outfits inspired by members of the team. (Check out our previous entry: Young Avengers!) As always, you’ll see our personal touches, i.e. Bria is a totally classy dame and Lin is just going to be this douchebag trainwreck. Enjoy.

Today: Uncanny X-Force by Sam Humphries and Ron Garney!


wayw_bria_psylocke_02 wayw_lin_spiral_03
Bria — Psylocke
Armani Exchange
Purple Scarf: Express
Floral Headband: The Limited
Tights: Macy’s
Grey Heels: Nine West
Butterfly Earrings: local boutique
Lin — Spiral
Turtleneck Tunic: Club Monaco
Black Shorts: Alice and the Pirates
Studded Thigh Highs: Yesstyle
Peplum Belt: Zara
Accessories: Forever 21; Ebay




Bria: Let me count the ways in which this new Betsy costume thrilled me.  The sounds of glee I made when I saw Kris Anka’s new design were numerous and also high pitched.  My badass British Ninja finally has a costume that’s, y’know, suited for a ninja!  It’s lovely and practical and I just want to hug it.

wayw_bria_psylocke_03 My fashionable interpretation, however, doesn’t go practical because hellooooo grey heels!  I wanted to stick with the black and grey colour scheme and this Armani dress seems to have been waiting in my closet for such an occasion.  From there, adding the purple headband and scarf as accents to mimic her hair and belt just seemed logical.  What really made this work were the butterfly earrings I found in my jewelry box because BUTTERFLIES BY MY FACE just screams Psylocke like nothing else.



wayw_lin_spiral_01Lin: It says something when you have various buddies capslocking at you that not only has Spiral been added to the upcoming lineup of Uncanny X-Force, but that SHE STILL HAS FURRY BOOTS LOOK LOOK YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE. Well, I definitely bat for TEAM NONE SECONDS when it comes to re: lady furry boots, so here I am, and here we are.

wayw_lin_spiral_02Inspo came from, well, “LA clubber drug dealer badass chick“? Can do. Studded thigh highs, punky belts, and X-harness accents, tap into her heavy metal armoury, while I took this outfit a little bit north with the furry hat to emulate white hair, and earmuffs-cum-headphones because this lady would drop a mean beat.


Coming Soon: Fearless Defenders by Cullen Bunn and Will Sliney! Meanwhile, check out our past entry for Young Avengers here or get the newly relaunched Uncanny X-Force here at comixology!