[WAYW] Life Will Be Held Even If It Rains — Wiccan (Megarinri Inspo)

Who has two thumbs, a dumb Avengers party favour bracelet, and self-help magical powers? This guy.

Nothing hooks me like face clawingly kawaii swag, so it’s without a doubt that Megarinri’s comic book inspired outfit sketches are like super fab punches to the face. And you know what I like better than punches to the face? Billy Kaplan, for one. Super cute wing motifs and little crochet vests, for two.

(… and a relaunched Young Avengers book, for three!!)



[WAYW] Lin -- Wiccan 01

Asymmetric Tank: Helmut Lang
Black Shorts: Alice and the Pirates
Crochet Vest; Headband: Yesstyle
Red Scarf: Zara
Gold Buckle Belt: Guess
Arm Candy: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Juicy Couture, pre-con at Mandy’s house THIS IS A REAL PLACE OKAY
Lola Patent Pumps: Christian Louboutin
Monogram Cartouchiere Cross Body Bag: Louis Vuitton


[WAYW] Lin -- Wiccan 03  [WAYW] Lin -- Wiccan 04

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