[INSPO] Gift List for the Fashionable Superhero

Naughty or nice? That’s totally your personal business, man. But whenever our nearest and dearest come around with the eternal question of What Would You Like For Christmas? well, nobody can accuse us of being unprepared. Especially when it comes to geek flavoured fashion and dressing like a superhero on the low-low.

(We took some of our cues from Hawkeye, Ms Marvel and Dazzler. Of course.)

We love what we like. And if you’re coming up short for stylin’ gift-giving ideas at the last minute, we have you covered.



Arrow Earrings  +  Batman PJ Set  +  Lightning Cutout Dress

Lazy Oaf x Batman Exclusive Bat Wing Shirt  +  Black Widow Tee  +  Cap Toe Lita by Jeffrey Campbell

Thor Bracelet  +  Death Star Dress by Black Milk Clothing  +  Martin Margiela x H&M Mirrorball Leggings


Oh yes. We also need this to exist. For reasons.

aw coffee no

coffee pls