[INSPO] Project Runway: Glitterati Fashion Central

Last night’s episode of Project Runway featured an androgynous challenge where the designers had to come up with looks for both a male and female model.  As one might expect, there was a nice broad spectrum of ‘success’ and ‘failure’.  When designers fail at this sort of challenge, they really fail.  (Emilio, on the other hand, basically created runway magic but more on that below.)  The biggest take away of the night, however, was how last night’s runway was basically a fashion show meant for the Glitterati.  The Glitterati, aka twins Jaryn and Kerith, are two playable characters in the popular Xbox game ‘Dance Central’ and  wear some pretty outrageous outfits that also read totally fabulous on them.

Even though Casanova ended up in the bottom three, I instantly sat up and shouted ‘GLITTERATI!’ the moment his looks appeared on the runway.  Sure Casanova’s looks might not have embodied androgyny but the construction was flawless and absolutely everything about them read Glitterati from the cutouts to the strange bits around the girl’s knees.

And now we get to Emilio and his two FABULOUS looks.  I don’t think there was any doubt that he absolutely deserved to win this challenge because WOW.  The collar on the guy’s look is incredibly reminiscent of Kerith’s Haute Blooded look from Dance Central 3.  These might not be the best outfits to dance in but I could definitely see the twins rocking these while drinking wine.  Especially with the hats.

Uli’s garments also gave me a bit of a Glitterati vibe mostly because of the leggings.  I’m pretty sure that both Jaryn and Kerith are already plotting how to steal these from the workroom.  Of course, if they’re already going through the effort, they might as well go for the tops too.  I personally loved the girl’s top without the jacket.  It’s just a great piece.  Both looks read as a high fashion mixture of their Crew outfits and the Street Style outfits.