[FF] New Her Universe Products for Cyber Monday

It’s no secret that we adore Her Universe so when we heard about the new products they’re releasing for Cyber Monday, we just had to share them with you!

You can check out all of the new products (and all of the existing ones) at the Her Universe shop but we just had to highlight some of them here.  Ashley’s added two new shirts to Her Universe’s rapidly growing collection of Doctor Who tops, one of them being the below pictured ‘Girl Who Waited’ shirt and a shirt that simply reads ‘Whovian’.  Other new t-shirts include a Star Trek shirt and a really neat Japan inspired Star Wars shirt.  My favourites, however, are the fabulous Battlestar Galactica sweatshirt and the Darth Vader PJs.  (Just tell me that grumpy Vader isn’t adorable!)

To top it all off, Her Universe is having some Cyber Monday exclusive deals (like an adorable Chewbacca pin) so make sure you check out all of their awesome items this Monday!  (Or, y’know, add them to your own Christmas list…)