[CON] Dragon*Con 2012 Epic Cosplay Videos

This is what Dragon*Con is all about. Post-con reports are made almost joyously obsolete because if picture = thousand words, etc, then moving pictures of our big smiley faces and those of our nearest and dearest geek compatriots can only be met with hearts doing jumping high fives.

Kudos to the amazing guys at beatdownboogie and DistractotronChannel, who captured — amidst the madness that is Dragon*Con — both our Avengers and Marvel photoshoots. Thank you for letting us relive the memories. <3 --- Want to spot us ladies? Lin represents in Janet Van Dyne’s retro fab Wasp, and again as Phyla-Vell’s Quasar with her amazing Guardians of the Galaxy buddies. Bria assembles with the New Avengers in badass Maya Lopez, ver. Ronin, and you can crowd-spot her in her Super Skrull Xavin during the Marvel photoshoot.