Betsy Braddock / Psylocke / Captain Britain
Uncanny X-Force

Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Book
Completed: 2012

There’s this complicated relationship between Betsy and me, except it’s not really complicated and more like I’m just super exasperated by asian-as-a-character-trait. Especially when Betsy is super rad and super fab, and I really loved her all-English debut, and, frankly, I’m not really into her swimsuit ninja gear. Leave that to ladies with better thighs than mine ha.

But there is something I really love, and that’s the foray into Otherworld’s crazy Britannica via Uncanny X-Force. And while the idea of Betsy’s old Captain Britain costume makes me cry because DAT HAIR, the recent excursion means amazing purple wig aw yiss + let’s make a hilarious plastic psychic knife because why not that’s why.

Not gonna lie, it’s a thrill to cosplay Betsy. She’s a real classy dame.