Ophelia Sarkissian / Viper
Captain America – Secret Warriors

Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Book
Completed: 2010

So, I really like the ol’ journey to Nippon/Madripoor that Marvel did back in the day, mostly for the likes of Wolverine and Daredevil — I got pretty caught up with the cast of Yukio, Mariko, Viper, Silver Samurai, THOSE GUYS. And then Secret Warriors happened, and it was, yeah okay, nice to see you again. So this happened. Though what I would like to see happen is somebody making Viper’s newfangled tentacle hat. It would contain beer and glory.

I still really like that issue where Viper poisons all the ladies and it was super hot, and Jubes was super cool. (“A beast has instincts. A man has honour. Which are you?” etc etc.) I’m all about the return to old school Wolverine like that. LOGAN’S RUN, rockin’ it.