Victoria Hand

Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Book
Completed: 2010

Man, the moment I saw that cover. It was a like a 3-way punch of awesome, full of sassy ladies and Steve Rogers’ angelic aura descending from on high. (Nevermind the actual issue being pretty meh.) And so I unsubtly strong-armed Bria and Kyle Marie into wacky hijinks, and the rest is rum bucket fueled, Hydra party raiding history.

For the record, I love Victoria Hand. I love her as a reasonable, lender of credibility to Dark Reign, and I love her unsuperpowered no-nonsense approach. Which is, incidentally, what makes her screaming FML moments in New Avengers so freakin’ great.

I also love Maria Hill aaaahhhhh.

This costume is freakin’ hilarious. It’s a BCBG blazer, an Alexander McQueen pencil skirt, and a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. Because that’s just the way Ms Hand rollllllls. Right out of bed.

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