Xavin / Super Skrull

Source: Marvel
Completed: 2012

I’m sort of like Barney Stinson when it comes to costuming.  Or at least I am because I keep thinking I’m being challenged and stand up and go “Challenge Accepted!”.  It’s really starting to become a problem.  Anyways, I’d thought my first attempt at being Xavin was a little bit lame and had been tossing around the idea of doing her Skrull suit when my Runaways group of AWESOME decided that 2012 was the year to bring back the Runaways.

I learned a couple of things from making this suit.  First, vinyl absolutely does not breath and you will sweat a ridiculous amount in the wretched Atlanta heat.  Second, your sewing machine will eventually rebel and you will have to stitch together three layers of vinyl by hand and will want to cry the entire time. BUT IT WAS ALL WORTH IT AT THE END OF THE DAY.

Finally, major props to Lauren for the amazing job she did on my makeup!  The pictures really don’t do it justice and I definitely owe her one for making me look awesome.

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