Ianto Jones / Genderbent

Media: Television
Completed: 2012

Ohhhh the Torchwood costume project.  Originally, it started (as so many of mine and Alana’s plans do) over lunch.  ‘Torchwood: Miracle Day’ was either currently or had just finished airing and we decided that we really should do costumes from that because why not?  And then it expanded to picking costumes from the original team.  And then we decided to do gender swapped Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones because why the heck not?  Actually, I think that our reasoning at the time was that we hadn’t encountered anyone genderswapping the pair and doing more girly costumes for them (especially Ianto.)  From there, we basically decided that we were going to costume as ALL of Torchwood between the two of us and these costumes for Katsucon 2012 were our first step towards that very long project.

I’m pretty happy with how this turned out even if not everyone was clear about who I was.  I felt that I stayed pretty true to how Ianto would probably dress if he was a girl and we managed to get some pretty great pictures despite our inability to stay serious.  We wore them for Katsucon 2012 and then again at Dragon*Con 2012.  Hopefully, we’ll start making progress on the rest of our Torchwood costumes soon.

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