Betsy Braddock / Psylocke
Uncanny X-Force

Source: Marvel
Media: Comic Book
Completed: 2011

You know how sometimes a costume just falls into your lap and shouts “You were meant to make me!”?  Yeah, that’s what happened here.  I’d wanted to do a Psylocke costume for ages but hadn’t been very fond of the navy/red colour scheme and then all of the sudden, Uncanny X-Force happened.  No, really, this was a gift from the Marvel gods.  It’s like they wanted to give me an excuse to costume as my favourite purple haired British ninja.

I can honestly say that this is one of the costumes I’m really quite happy with and don’t get bad feelings of jealousy and inadequacy in my stomach whenever I see another costumer doing it.  (I wish that was a rare feeling but alas it is not.)  I’ve only had a chance to wear it briefly at two conventions, Dragon*Con 2011 and MCM Expo in May 2012, but I hope to bring it out for another convention over the next year!

…which has now happened!  At the last minute, I changed my costume schedule around and wore Psylocke (now with flat boots due in partial thanks to my darling clone Anna) for Katsucon 2013.

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