[FF] March 2019’s Fav 4

Welcome back to another edition of Fav 4: four of our favorite geek fashion pieces that we’ve seen this month. Shocker: it’s Captain Marvel themed. Totally by accident though. Yeah, we can tell you that you totally believe us.

  • In a blink-and-you-miss-them release, Adidas did a collaboration with Jen Bartel for a pair of fantastic Captain Marvel inspired sneakers. They are only available at Foot Locker and sold out almost instantly although we’ve heard talk of potential restock in the future.
  • Kohl’s also released a whole slew of Captain Marvel inspired shirts for kids and adults alike. A standout is this t-shirt with the Hala star on it.
  • You’ve probably seen Hero Within’s Carol Danvers Flight Jacket but we’re making sure you see it again because reasons.
  • Carol wore a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt through much of the film and while you can get that shirt, why not go for the special collab one? (Seriously, who ever saw that coming?)