[WAYW] We’re Inferno Squad – Star Wars: Battlefront II

You may not realize it but today’s a very special week: it’s the anniversary of the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront II and if you know anything about me, it should probably be that I love Inferno Squad more than just about life itself. Around this time last year, I was impatiently waiting to get out of work so I could go home and play through Iden Versio’s story. A year later, it’s still one of my favorite stories and I’ll even be replaying it on Saturday on Twitch to mark the anniversary. Needless to say, an ‘Inferno Squad but make it work appropriate’ outfit was meant to be for today.

Red Stripe Portofino: Express
Black Pants: Uniqlo
Claw Earrings: Rock Love Jewelry
Black Pumps: Nine West
Inferno Squad Purse: BenaeQuee Creations