[WAYW] General, I’m With You Too – Leia Organa

When I told you NYCC was very good to me on the fashion front, I wasn’t kidding. I discovered a brand new geek fashion line the very first morning called Heroes & Villains. I managed to last a few hours before doing back and buying this jacket. The best part is that it really helped take my fashion matching to the next level as I was covering the Star Wars Resistance Fireball ship set up that weekend. Even though the jacket is Leia inspired, the light blue color felt appropriate for Torra Doza. Add double buns and boom! The perfect outfit for the day.

Leia Bomber Jacket: Heroes & Villains
Rebel Alliance Ear Crawlers: Box Lunch
Khaki Pants: Express
Brown Boots: Rampage

For sizing reference, Bria is wearing a Medium in the jacket. 

I want to really emphasize how special I think this Heroes & Villains brand is. This is their first collection and I couldn’t be more impressed. Their approach is more than just slapping a logo on a piece of clothing and calling it done. This first line focused on the Battle of Endor and offers a Rebel and an Imperial line. The jacket I got is inspired by Leia’s uniform that she wears beneath the poncho and the Scout Trooper jacket are the true standouts but there’s nothing I don’t appreciate about their attention to detail. One of the coolest details is how they take the symbol from the Rebel trooper helmets and incorporate it into the line along with the Rebel Starbird. Oh! And the linings on both this jacket and the purse/wallet have ewoks! How fun is that?

I honestly cannot wait to see what Heroes & Villains does next. This is definitely a brand to watch.

Also I am aware that I am incapable of parting my hair neatly in the back.