[FF] A Tale of Three Sneakers

Entirely by accident, I turned around one day and realized that I had amassed a collection of Star Wars sneakers. Obviously, the only possible answer was to write up a post comparing and contrasting them. Because this is a geek fashion blog.

Sperry’s Imperial + Musterbrand’s Skywalker + Po-Zu’s Falcon

Stylistically, all three shoes bring something different to the table. Musterband’s Skywalker X-Wing sneakers are much flashier and eye-catching while the Sperry and Po-Zu offerings can fly under the radar a little better. I’ve mentioned before that I always get compliments when I wear the Musterbrand ones. That said, the design aspects of all three shoes are great. I wouldn’t have bought them if I didn’t think they looked cute. I love how the Sperry sneakers incorporate the Death Star wall motif on the back and how they introduce lime green into what’s usually a very drab color palette.

Comfort-wise… we’re dealing with two very different classifications. Po-Zu is known for how comfortable their shoes are supposed to be and the Falcon sneakers are no different although admittedly not quite as cushy as their Rey boots. There was no awkward break-in time involved. I’ve worn them all day twice in the week since I got them and had no issues. Likewise, the Musterbrand shoes are also fairly comfortable although they do get a little less comfortable later in the day. The Sperry shoes however… it’s not great. I found that they’re not terribly cushy inside and that the back cuts into the heel of my foot. Even with the addition of heel liners, they’re only shoes I can wear for a few hours at most which is a shame.

Bottom line? Musterbrand’s offering is eye catching and great, Po-Zu’s is incredibly comfortable and low key, and Sperry’s are… maybe pass on these.

Do you have a favorite pair of Star Wars sneakers? Share with us in the comments!