[WAYW] Master of the Knights of Ren – Star Wars x Musterbrand

Every time I think I have a favorite Musterbrand piece, another new one enters my life. I will forever love my x-wing cape and shoes but this cardigan… this Kylo Ren inspired cardigan is where it’s at. It has thumb holes!!! (Someone please tell me I’m not allowed to buy it in red.)

Sith Apprentice Cardigan: Musterbrand
Imperial Tunic: Kohl’s
Leggings: Express
TIE Earrings: Box Lunch
Star Boots: The Fix/Amazon

What I love most about this cardigan is how it feels effortlessly stylish. I can toss it on with just about anything and feel good, comfortable and also warm. (Something that’s key in the office.) Also, it definitely flows behind me when I walk down the hallway which makes it almost as good as a cape. Part of what really makes this cardigan great though doesn’t show up in my pictures terribly well but it’s the variety of textures going on. It elevates what could have been a nice cut yet sorta boring piece to something far more special. This is one of those items of clothing that both nerds and non-nerds will appreciate. (Source: Lots of compliments from my assorted coworkers, including my boss, and more than a few compliments over the couple of hours I wore this to Awesome Con for one of my panels.) I’ve had this cardigan for a month now and I can honestly say it’s one of the pieces I reach for the most. If you’re even casually considering buying this piece… do it. Trust me. It’s great.

Disclaimer: Musterbrand provided the Kylo cardigan but only requested honest feedback and did not ask for a positive review in return.