[WAYW] I find your lack of faith disturbing – Darth Vader

Our House Brand at White Hot Room should honestly just be capes. We love capes. Give us all the capes. Thankfully, Musterbrand is out there providing. I adored their X-Wing pilot inspired cape and the Vader inspired one is equally awesome although more subdued. Subdued doesn’t mean it’s not recognizable though as I got compliments from multiple coworkers the first day I wore it. It is comfy, cozy, and stylish and really, what more could you ask for from a work wear piece?

Vader Cape: Musterbrand
Gray Shirt: Amazon
Pencil Skirt: Michael Kors
Black Pumps: Nine West

Just like with their other products, the Vader cape is a more subtle twist on a well-known character while still being identifiable to fellow geeks. And, as is the Musterbrand trademark, the cape is very well-made and feels worth every penny of its list price. The only bad thing that I have to say about this cape actually applies to their other products but is most noticeable with the capes. My hair routinely gets caught in it which can get really frustrating at times.

Disclaimer: Musterbrand provided the Vader cape but only requested honest feedback and did not ask for a positive review in return.