[FF] Po-Zu Debuts Rey’s The Last Jedi Boots

Rey has, without a doubt, the most comfortable boots in Star Wars. Every cosplayer we know swears by them. It’s not terribly surprising that Star Wars went back to Po-Zu for Rey’s new footwear in The Last Jedi. Equally unsurprising is that Po-Zu announced last week that they will be making the boots available for pre-order with delivery in November. (That’s just in time to wear with your Hero Rey costume!)

You can preorder the boots from Po-Zu’s website here. They set you back just shy of $300 but if they’re as comfy as the original pair, they could totally be worth it. The biggest difference between these and the screen used boots is that these have a zipper but they should still be good for Rebel Legion approvable and will honestly be a lot easier to get on and off.