[WAYW] The Queen’s Wardrobe Perhaps – Her Universe

It’s nice when a company finally makes a piece you’ve been asking for for literal years. I just really love Padmé and the Naboo Handmaidens, folks. While I’m not huge on the color as it’s a little uhhh… sweeter? than my style usually tends, I do love how the piece looks. (Lin referred to this as “this pastel aesthetic that is such a hard left from the Bria Lookbook” when I sent her the pictures.)  Just like with the skirt, the crest is subtle enough that most people will just think it’s a neat pattern. The Naboo fans though… we know.

Naboo Cardigan: Her Universe
Black Sweater Shell: Express
Floral Skirt: H&M
Sunglasses: Coach
Black Pumps: Nine West

For sizing reference, Bria is wearing a Medium in the cardigan.