[WAYW] By the lake on Naboo – Her Universe

Give me all of the Naboo things. All of them. This latest skirt from Her Universe hits the sweet spot for me between geeky and subtle. At first glance and even at a second glance, there’s not much overly obviously Star Wars about it. It just looks like a very pretty landscape. It would take an eagle-eyed fellow fan to spot Anakin and Padmé amongst the art or to recognize the Lake House. In short, I am a big fan.

Naboo Skirt: Her Universe
Tropical bandeau: Express
White Button Down: Express
Sunglasses: Gucci
Tan Heels: Gucci

For sizing reference, Bria is wearing a small in the Her Universe Naboo skirt.

As a note, you can buy this skirt either from Her Universe directly or from Box Lunch online or in their stores if you have one nearby. If you’re concerned about sizing, I’ve found it to fit similar to the lightsaber skirt from several years ago. There is no give in the waistband.