[FF] The Strongest (Death) Stars Have Hearts of Kyber

I may have accidentally found myself in a Box Lunch store after attending a comic signing this weekend and may have accidentally bought myself some jewelry there that I’d been eyeing online only the week prior. Accidentally. I tripped.

After wearing them around for a few days, I only have good things to say. In addition to the necklace set and the Imperial ear crawlers, I also bought the Rebel ear crawlers in rose gold. The price points ($30 and $17) are perfectly reasonable given the products. The earrings are nickel free and the necklaces are silver plated so they aren’t the fanciest of Star Wars jewelry but they look nice and definitely fall into the subtle category. Even a hardcore Star Wars fan might have to look twice to realize what the earrings are. In my book, that’s a good thing although I wouldn’t have minded if the Imperial cog was a bit more distinct.

You can purchase the ear climbers and the necklaces over at Box Lunch where you can also get the necklaces with the Rebel Alliance symbol if that’s more your thing.