[FF] Wonder Woman Collection from Her Universe x Hot Topic

It’s finally here! Her Universe’s Wonder Woman collection releases today and you’ll even get your new pieces before the film comes out next month. Designed by last year’s Fashion Show winners Jesse Thaxton (friend of the blog! We’re very proud of her!), Hannah Kent, and Camille Falciola, the collection is clearly inspired by both Diana and her forthcoming film. The collection features a tank top, two jackets, a skirt, a romper and two dresses of which one is even reversible. The neatest thing about the collection is that there’s nothing overly standard and even for the seemingly more basic pieces, they tend to have a surprise. (The tank top has the netting with the sword on the back and the costume dress is reversible.) It’s a really nicely done little collection. My personal favorite is the black and gold dress.

You can shop the collection in both standard and plus sizes over at HotTopic.com.