[COS] “Rule the court!” — Oikawa Tooru / Haikyuu!!


When you’re living your best mint life so hard the spillover is too real, but I’m just happy to be doing it with some of my fav (green heart emoji) (volleyball emoji) (flex emoji) sports anime friends by bringing back the Seijou cheerleader squad for a 2.0 at Katsucon 2017. Also back? Hotel room pompom sweatshopping as a team bonding exercise. It’s always a glamourous life we lead at the interhigh.

“Talent is something you make bloom. Instinct is something you polish.”

Oikawa Tooru: Lin (me)
Iwaizumi Hajime: Samy
Kunimi Akira: Chiha
Kindaichi Yuutarou: Destnai

Photos by: Lionel!
Edits by: Chiha & Lin



Iwa-chan supplied us with green heart lollipops pulled from her bra, which just goes to show she is best bro. Kunimi made us all matching mint hair clips, which just goes to show what a beautiful tsundere she is about team spirit.


“My perfect trust with you, Iwa-chan.”