[CON] Spotlight on Po-Zu

How does an “ethically made footwear brand that produces in Portugal” end up with a booth at a Star Wars convention? Two years ago, the Po-Zu name wasn’t very well known outside of Europe but in the wake of The Force Awakens, most hardcore fans can tell you that they’re the people who make Rey’s boots.

Now Po-Zu and Lucasfilm are taking the relationship a step further. Announced back in the fall, Po-Zu will be releasing a line of Star Wars inspired shoes in August, something that we’ve covered here in the past. The line will be available for preorder on May 4th and Po-Zu is most definitely excited to bring “ethically made footwear to the mainstream” audience.

Celebration gave Po-Zu a chance to bring samples from the line directly to the fans. Kate Osborne, the Public Relations and Marketing Executive at Po-Zu, said the response to the shoes has been “incredible.” Anyone who visited the booth had the chance to get their hands on the forthcoming shoes and check out the high quality for themselves. It’s hard not to appreciate the craftsmanship and work that goes into the shoes. The leather for the Poe, Finn, and Stormtrooper boots is particularly noteworthy and I can personally attest to how comfortable their shoes are given my experience with their Rey/Piper boots. I’d be eagerly awaiting the preorder date for the Poe boots of it wasn’t for one tiny problem: they aren’t being made in women’s sizes.

Unfortunately, all of the Star Wars line will not be available in all sizes. According to Po-Zu, only the Rey, Chewbacca, BB-8 sneakers, Resistance sneakers, and the Stormtrooper shoes will be available in women’s sizing while only the Rey, Chewbacca, BB-8, and Resistance sneakers will be available in children’s. In other words, the Poe and Finn boots will only be available in a size 41 above. Perhaps it’s something we’ll see change in the future if there’s enough demand.

When asked whether Po-Zu would still be selling the original Piper boots that we saw in The Force Awakens (and in The Last Jedi trailer,) Osborne said that they would be “moving forward with the Star Wars branded” boots. While understandable from a business point of view, it’s certainly not hard to read between the lines.

Even so, it’s worth repeating that the Po-Zu/Star Wars line is most definitely quality. When we chatted about the shoes, Osborne said, “What I quite like is that they can be normal shoes and that they can also be cosplay shoes.” She’s 100% correct. While you might get some strange looks for the Chewie boots, the rest of the line is complete wearable on a daily basis. That’s something that can definitely help with the decision over whether to buy or pass when the price tag’s a little higher.

Excited for the Po-Zu/Star Wars line? Did you visit their booth at Celebration? Are there any must-buy shoes when the line goes up for preorder? Let us know in the comments!