[COS] My Life for Yours – Visas Marr (SW:KOTOR)

When you’re in a loooong term relationship with a video game series and you just love all of the characters so much but you especially love Visas and her design… you have to make the costume at some point. I finally got a KOTOR group for Celebration and Dragon Con this year and because I’m an overachiever, I decided to get the costume done early for Katsucon and approved by the 501st. Both goals achieved.

Getting to see pictures from this shoot was doubly awesome given that I only had a very vague idea how the costume looked while I was wearing it. (Before you ask, my vision in this costume is not great and I could mostly just see shapes and needed a seeing-eye trooper.) There are a few minor fixes I’m hoping to do to the costume before Celebration but otherwise, I’m really happy with how it looks!

Visas Marr: Bria

Once again, thank you to my amazing British Clone Anna for the photography at Katsucon! She is always amazing to work with and doubly so given my inability to see.