[COS] Finally Something to Do – Avatar: The Last Airbender/Mai

So a very long time ago, Abby made me watch Avatar: The Last Airbender. It went only sort of well because Abby also decided to start the show when I was already half asleep but I liked what I remembered of it. Essentially ever since then, we’ve been trying to find a time to cosplay as Mai and Ty Lee because they are basically us in a nutshell. Several years ago, we ended up doing their beach outfits at Dragon Con but have always wanted to do the costumes properly. The problem always came down to how Mai’s a great winter con costume and Ty Lee’s a great summer con costume and we always dragged our feet on picking a con where one of us would be miserable.


And then the Fire Nation attacked. Actually no wait: the stars aligned. My friend Tini Howard was cleaning out her cosplay closet, sold me her Mai costume, and Abby basically went “JUST TELL ME WHAT CON” as soon as I told her I’d bought it. AND THEN THE STARS ALIGNED EVEN FURTHER because Katsu this year was actually reasonably warm so Abby didn’t freeze. What I’m saying is that this was meant to be.

Mai: Bria
Ty Lee: Abby Rou Cosplay

Thank you to my amazing British Clone Anna for the photography at Katsucon!

In case you thought I was kidding about Mai and Ty Lee basically being us, there was very little acting involved in these pictures.