[FF] Coming Soon(ish): Galactic Shoes from Po-Zu

A few months back, Po-Zu announced that they would be creating a line of Star-Wars inspired shoes for fans. This seemed a logical choice given that their Piper Boots were worn by Rey on screen in The Force Awakens. Since the announcement, they’ve been very slowly teasing us with new designs. So far, the collection will include (from the top right and going clockwise) sneakers inspired by Poe Dameron, Poe’s on-screen boots in both brown and black, shoes inspired by Chewbacca, another take on Rey’s on-screen boots, and Finn’s on screen boots in white, black, and metallic bronze. Mostly, these boots are a godsend for cosplayers especially for Poe and Finn. I can also see the Poe sneakers being appealing to the less cosplay-inclined geek. The Chewie boots are just… bizarre. I’m sure there’s a market for them but it certainly doesn’t include me.

We’ve still got a while to go before the collection is available in August. What other characters are you hoping to see shoes for/inspired by? And are any of these on your wish list already?