[WAYW] Make 10 Men Feel Like 100 – Cassian Andor / Rogue One

I went into Rogue One not expecting to come out with a Cassian Andor Problem AND YET HERE WE ARE. Obviously, because I’m me, that involves Cassian fashion. There were definitely a lot of takes on Cassian’s many different outerwear pieces but the Musterbrand jacket stood out. I’ve been a fan of their pieces for a while so it seemed appropriate that I finally get one and review it here.

Cassian Andor Jacket: Musterbrand
Olive Shirt: Express
Pencil Skirt: Express
Brown Boots: Bandolino

First impression when I opened it? Impressed. Very Impressed. Musterbrand is not messing around with the quality of their jackets. You might think by the pictures that this is a lightweight jacket. You would be wrong. The fabric’s definitely sturdy and the jacket has such a great weight to it. It won’t help too much on a frigid winter day but on a somewhat warmer one or for fall and spring, it’s perfect. Bonus: it’s incredibly comfortable.

The Cassian jacket has a pocket on either side and has a hidden one on the inside of the left side which comfortably fit my iPhone 6s. I also love that their most blatant Star Wars branding is confined to the inside lining. My favorite type of Geek Fashion is something that you can wear that a non-nerdy person wouldn’t look twice at but a fellow geeky would totally get. Since this is a more stylized version of one of Cassian’s jackets, it definitely counts.

The only thing I don’t like about the jacket is the velcro flap at the bottom. It’s fine when the jacket is closed but I’m not in love with how it just flaps around when you wear it open. Also, I do wish the sleeve detail was more inset like Cassian’s jacket actually is.

I do have to give a shout out to Musterbrand’s social media/customer service team. I was wavering about whether to get this jacket or not since it’s a men’s jacket and I’m a fairly small person. Their team worked with me to figure out what size would work (XS) and even made sure that I knew I could exchange/return it if it didn’t work out. Sizing wise, it’s a little bit bigger than I would normally wear but again, it is a men’s jacket so that’s not surprising. I’m interested to try one of their women’s cut jackets at some point and see how that sizing works.

So what’s the final verdict? If you’re looking for a non-literal take on Cassian Andor’s jacket and don’t mind dropping a few extra dollars for a quality jacket, Musterbrand’s offering is definitely worth your money. Bonus: Musterbrand’s currently offering 15% any order with the code ‘MB-Relaunch‘ and you should definitely take advantage while you can.