[FF] ThinkGeek brings forth the BatSeam

We don’t usually cover men’s fashion here but for these ThinkGeek jackets, we had to make an exception!  Check out their brand new Hero Within collection.  While there is also an okay Flash sweatshirt and a decent enough Green Lantern jacket, the real standouts are the Batman pieces.  All three jackets (a blazer and two peacoats) have the bat logo cleverly hidden on the back via the seam lines as you can see below:

The inside lining is yellow with a far less Batman logo but as far as the outside is concerned, this is a perfect subtly nerdy piece!  While we haven’t gotten our hands on any of these and can’t say for certain, the higher price point is a promising sign regarding the quality and it would definitely be worth ordering to see for sure if you’re interested.

You can see all three of the Batman offerings below and shop the entire Hero Within collection over at ThinkGeek.com!