[FF] Fashion Finds Round Up – Nov. 2016

It’s been a while since we’ve done a round up of some of the fashion finds that we’ve stumbled upon around the internet so this seemed like a good time to do so.


  • ThinkGeek will be debuting a brand new Star Trek collection by Her Universe on Tuesday.  Expect the collection to be a little different than what we’ve previously seen.  Ashley’s already teased an adorable blazer.  You can enter at the link above for the chance to win a $300 gift certificate to ThinkGeek
  • In further ThinkGeek news, you can preorder items from the Mass Effect Capsule Collection now for delivery in mid-December.  Bioware has consistently put out some awesome stuff for Mass Effect and this collection is no different.  (I may have already preordered two pieces.)
  • Her Universe has also now partnered with Mod Cloth!  You can now buy skirt versions of their Hoth and Bespin dresses.  The cut/style seems to be similar to the lightsaber skirt except shorter.
  • Hamilton fans can now preorder a Elhoffer Design cardigan!  Heads up though: this will likely ship in early January.
  • Kohl’s is getting into the Rogue One spirit.  So far, they have a super cute tank top available online but we’ve seen pictures from a few stores of a nice little line that will likely appeal to a lot of fan girls.  Keep an eye on both your local stores and the online stores for the line.
  • Hot Topic now has a new Rogue One wallet from Loungefly available online.