Projects We Like: Couture



Basically all we needed to hear to get excited about a Kickstarter were the words ‘fashion’ and ‘comics’ so yeah.  We are all about Couture.  To quote from their page:

Couture is a collection of short comics inspired by iconic moments in fashion. Influenced by designers from Christian Dior to Hussein Chalayan, Couture’s short stories span romance, science fiction, historical drama, fantasy and horror, drawing from fashion that shook the runway and changed the face of haute couture. Written by Dani Colman and featuring art by 15 award-winning artists, Couture will be available as a handsome hardcover that is as much a piece of art as the stories within it.

The artists include Kevin Wada (!!!) and Jen Bartel and Marguerite Sauvage amongst others and we could not be more excited to see the finished product.

You can go back the project over on Kickstarter and reserve your copy now.  (We already have!)  They’ve also got some super neat backer levels with exclusives that you won’t be able to get anywhere else.  We highly recommend it.