[FF] New Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Marvel Fashions

It’s been a while since we’ve done a mini round up of some of the new fangirl fashion items out there but hey!  There’s no time like the present, right?


First up, we’ve got some cute new Star Wars designs from Her Universe!  Announced over on the official site, these designs will be exclusive to the Disney Parks.  You can see two dresses and another cardigan cut along the lines of their fabulous Grand Moff/X-Wing cardigans released at Celebration last year.  If t-shirts are more your thing, there will also be a high-low hem, galactic print Rogue One shirt available.  Ashley Eckstein says they’re working on another dress and a shirt that will round out the Rogue One collection for the parks.


Catherine Elhoffer keeps on making awesome things happen and she’s diving right in to sweaters.  Over at her Etsy shop, you can currently preorder a bunch of fantastic new designs.  For Harry Potter fans, House sweaters are available with both the House mascot on the front and in a vintage argyle design for a cardigan.  Marvel fans can also get sweaters inspired by Captain Marvel, Silk, and Spider-Gwen.  All of the cardigans share the same style/fit as the Black Widow one we previously mentioned.  Finally, Hamilton fans can preorder the Bluecoat tunic!


Shifting back to Star Wars, more Rogue One merchandise is popping up.  It looks like we’ll finally be getting some more Rebel Alliance related merch that’s not in that bright, bright flightsuit orange.  Above is just a selection of some of the available products from Bioware.  They’ll be released on November 30th.

Thank you to The Wookiee Gunner for the heads up!

Are there any must have for you amongst these new items?  Or have you found something super cool that we haven’t seen yet?  Tell us in the comments!