Dragon Con Schedule 2016

It’s time for our annual pilgrimage to Atlanta for Dragon Con except, sadly, only one of us will be there this year.  :(  BUT LIN SHALL ATTEND IN SPIRIT.

As always, if you see Bria, please feel free to say hi!  We love getting to talk to folks. :)



Morning: It’s Maria Hill time. Also time to chase Captain America off a Helicarrier
Star Wars Costuming – 4pm – Marriott A706: Have a costuming question? Swing by the Star Wars room and Bria and a panel of experts will help!
Star Wars Rebels – 5:30pm – Marriott A706: Catch Bria on a panel discussing Star Wars Rebels!  There will totally be talk of #SpaceMarried and Thrawn!
Evening: Sai up because it’s Elektra time!


Morning/Afternoon: Jedi Mulan makes a return!
Afternoon/Evening: It’s Star Wars all the things as Bria debuts a new Leia costume for a group


New Characters We Already Know and Love – 10am – Marriott A706: Bria’s promised to not make this the Hux Hour.  Apparently there are other characters to love.  Like RAE SLOANE and Dr. Aphra.  Oh yeah and Rey and Finn.
Afternoon: Jedi beware because Seventh Sister will be roaming the halls
Evening: There’s time for one last costume as Bria returns to the light side of the Force as Bespin!Leia.