[INSPO] Love & Madness’ The Walking Dead Bracelet



A few weeks ago, my #Loot4Fangirls box arrived and was filled with tons of goodies!  It was totally worth the cost and I’ll be in big trouble if they decide to make it a regular occurrence.  (You can watch the unboxing video I did here if you’re interested.)  One of the items was a wrap bracelet by Love and Madness inspired by The Walking Dead.  If you haven’t heard of Love and Madness before, they are a small company that makes some really fun geek inspired jewelry.  I was definitely excited to see a bracelet from them in the box!

The Loot Crate exclusive bracelet is a more scaled down yet slightly different version of the one they have available on their website.  As you can see above, it’s a simple black cord with silver charms that differ from the publicly available one.  The charm choices are fun!  I’m torn between whether Michonne’s katana and the flower for Lizzie is my favorite one.  You can tell they definitely put some thought in to the design.

I do wish that this bracelet had the charms secured on the cord.  After wearing it all day at work, I found that the charms all fell together regardless of how well I tried to space them out.  It’s the nature of charm bracelets but even spacer beads might have helped.

That said, where Love and Madness continues to excel is by making sure their bracelets will fit all wrist sizes.  They give you three different points to secure the cord, ensuring that it will stay on no matter how big or small your wrists are.  Plus, I got compliments from two of my coworkers who are also The Walking Dead fans!

Bottom line: you should definitely check Love and Madness out!