[NEWS] Her Universe Fashion Show 2016

Her Universe returned on Thursday night with their Third Annual Her Universe Fashion Show! Once again, 27 designers beat out all the other entrants for the chance to show their geek inspired work at San Diego Comic Con and have the chance to co-design a collection with Ashley Eckstein for Hot Topic.  The twist this year?  There are going to be three winners: Judge’s Choice, Audience’s Choice, and the final will be voted on by those watching the reality show!

As always, the show started out with a runway of some of Her Universe’s current and forthcoming designs.  There were no sneak peaks of anything Star Wars but it looks like there’s an adorable Star Trek collection coming to ThinkGeek and a Marvel one coming to Hot Topic.  You can see some of the models below.  There are also new Studio Ghibli designs coming and, interestingly enough, shirts for Electra Woman and Dyna Girl.  That Peggy Carter dress is going to sell out in a heartbeat to have your credit cards ready. Oh! And the word on Twitter is that the Finn jacket and the Rey cardigan will make their way back to stores in the fall so we’ll all get another chance to buy them if we missed out the first time.  Check out Galactic Fashion’s Instagram for a closer look at the model sketches for what walked the runway.

Our GORGEOUS Her Universe models backstage at the Fashion Show!!! #heruniversefashionshow #sdcc

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Ashley’s wardrobe for the occasion did not disappoint.  She only had one dress this year but it was an Ahsoka Tano dress made of LEGOs.  Just let that soak in for a minute.  

As for the contest itself, it was an interesting mix of designs this year.  People certainly seemed to have learned from the previous shows and emphasized the theatrical: transforming gowns and LED lights were definitely present.  This was also apparently the year of Harry Potter.  You can see pictures of all of the designs over at PopSugar.  My favorites are probably the Captain Phasma and the Mad Max dresses.  A returning designer put forth a Neverending Story gown which was, once again, a showstopper.

Camille Falciola won the Audience Choice with her “I Solemnly Swear that I am Up to Couture!” and Hannah Kent won the Judge’s Choice with her “Oh What a Gown… What a Lovely Gown!”

Picture via PopSugar

You’ll get to see their collection at Hot Topic in May of next year.

Have any favorites from the show? Dying to get your hands on any of the teased Her Universe looks? Is the designer in you itching to start working on your own design?