[NEWS] ThinkGeek Launches NYC Store

This weekend, my trip to New York City happened to coincide with the grand opening of the fourth ThinkGeek IRL store!  Naturally, I had to check it out.

Walking into the store was like walking into a physical version of their website albeit far smaller.  I definitely loved the little NYC/nerd touches they added like the fake subway sign pictured above.  The biggest draw back is that they’re working with a relatively space and can therefore only feature a small fraction of their inventory.  They make the most of the space available and have a little bit of everything.  It’s unlikely that anyone will walk in and not find something that they want to buy.  That said, I’d love to see them up their selection of geek clothing especially given their proximity to the Garment District.

What they definitely have working for them is a friendly staff who are more than happy to chat and help you out.  Everyone there couldn’t have been nicer and made my experience shopping there lovely.  Shout out to the cashier who heard me say that I was going to get myself in trouble in that store and then later on say she wanted to be the one to ring up the trouble maker.

And if you think I walked out of the store without buying anything… yeah, you probably haven’t been reading White Hot Room very long because I have terrible self control in these situations.  I’m happy to say that I’m now the owner of this awesome Captain Phasma Loungefly purse (which was a total steal at only $42!!!) and this A New Hope Opening Crawl bracelet from Love and Madness!

If you want to check the store out for yourself (and you absolutely should!) head over to 33rd and Broadway.  ThinkGeek is in the bottom half of the GameStop there.  They are open from 9-9 on Monday through Saturday and 10-8 on Sunday.