[WAYW] The Power of the Dark Side – Her Universe/Mitmunk


If I could marry a jacket, it would be this one.  Send out the wedding invites because Bria+Vader Jacket=OTP.

This Darth Vader jacket was just one of the pieces from the Star Wars collection that Her Universe did for Hot Topic in the fall.  There weren’t a ton of pieces involved but it absolutely elevated the lines and took it to a new level.  When I first saw the jacket online, I was very intrigued but unsure how I’d feel about it since I am a leather jacket snob.  When I saw it in the store, I knew that I had to have it.  Ever since the weather finally warmed up enough past winter coat temperatures, we’ve been in a very committed relationship.

Darth Vader Jacket: Her Universe
Bionic Dress: Mitmunk
Black Pumps: Coach

Also, I’m a massive dork who decided that doing a self-timer photo shoot with a lightsaber was a good idea.  But I doubt that surprises any of you.